Are you ready to Liberate yourself?


Are you ready to ditch self-sacrifice and dare to step into living a Lit-Up Life, feeling deeply connected with yourself and others?


Let me introduce you to the profoundly life-changing program of ‘Luscious Liberation’.


This is a 3-month journey of unravelling limiting beliefs you may not even know you have, that have been holding you back from feeling able to fully express yourself and follow your true desires.


You may have been feeling overwhelmed and jaded from being on the treadmill of ‘self-help’ that just isn’t doing it anymore. 


You will see yourself and others through fresh new eyes, so that you’ll make choices and take actions that reflect an empowered woman, who is free from old history and embracing a new chapter in her life.

Divine Woman, it's time to Stop Settling and Start Shining!


This is what's waiting for you on your journey...


➡️ Liberate limited thinking and self-defeating behaviours to become the most empowered, authentic version of your sweet deserving self. Rewire your brain through self-awareness and guidance.


➡️ Heal deep-seated familial patterns and unhealthy relationship models and unworthiness, so you can confidently express your feelings and needs, while implementing healthy boundaries. 


➡️ Implement powerful practices and role-play to support you in healing unresolved issues in a trauma-informed way that feels safe for you.


➡️ Stop stuffing down feelings and learn to lovingly regulate your emotions, in a way that is gentle on your nervous system, through proven processes and therapeutic movement that will shift you from being a hot-mess to whole-ness.


➡️ Release hurt and shame around your sensuality and sexuality, claiming your innate birthright to radiantly shine in your femininity.


➡️ Shift from freeze to ease with safe, sacred practices from the ancient taoist and modern tantric traditions.


➡️ Embody a new Archetype, that shifts any lingering identity that disempowers you, so you can emerge into your Luscious Liberation. We’ll celebrate this with powerful, playful rituals that support you in being unapologetically seen as a Divinely Empowered Queen.


1:1 tailored program made just for YOU!


Experience transformation at the deepest level with 10 sessions over 90 days in the comfort of your home.

Together we’ll work with the three parts of your brain so every part of your body and mind are on board! 

We also work with feelings, regulating emotions and your experience inside your body


In every session we create a safe, supported container for transformation that supports your goals and desires. Additionally, we allow for whatever arises and needs to be addressed in your individual process. 


Receive the highest level of loving support, infused with proven strategies, power tools and sacred rituals which include:


✅ 10 x 75 minute Luscious Liberation 1:1 sessions in a sacred, safe container to support your deepest transformation.

✅ Receive session notes, plus Individually-tailored action steps and audio practices to integrate the deep work we do together.


✅ Access direct online support between sessions, up to 30 mins per week or voxer or What’s App, to address any concerns and  support your ongoing progress between sessions.

Luscious Liberation

90 days from Victim to Vixen


‘Luscious Liberation’ is an individually tailored program of 1-on-1 coaching to support you to release limitations that hold you back from living an empowered life, where you are freely self-expressed feeling seen, heard and valued.

Embody your feminine radiance, flourishing and thriving, as the most authentically lit-up version of youself.

Receive the highest level of loving support, infused with proven strategies, power tools and sacred rituals.

Live lusciously, at every age and phase of your life.

YES, I'm in!

❤️ Clarify your desires and create a pathway to self fulfilment

❤️ Gain body-mind awareness to unravel unconscious blocks

❤️ Restore your sense of inner peace and belonging, as you heal unhealthy familial patterns and nourish your inner child

❤️ Develop the resources to support you through any situation

❤️ Build a sense of safety and support in the world

❤️ Transform resistance through gentle breath work practices reconnect with yourself and can plug into your pleasure zone

❤️ Develop emotional intelligence and healthy boundaries

❤️ Create new empowering narratives that allow you to thrive

1:1 tailored program made just for YOU!

  • Experience transformation at the deepest level with 10 sessions over 90 days in the comfort of your home.

  • In every session we create a safe, supported container for transformation that supports your goals and desires. Additionally, we allow for whatever arises and needs to be addressed in your individual process.

  • After every session you will receive custom written practices and audios to support you between our sessions.

  • Together, we will also create action steps to sustain your progress. In between our calls you will receive regular check-ins and can reach out for additional online support.

Who is Mirella del Mondo?


It’s time to get support from an expert who really gets you, having the depth and clarity to hold space for you in the way you really need.


Her approach is quite different from other coaches, combining ancient mystical traditions with modern methodology.



❤️  is a Women’s Trauma Freedom Coach who draws upon 3 decades experience in mind-body medicine, the ancient healing arts and modern neuro-science which she lovingly weaves into her work 


❤️  is a soulful strategist who uses potent techniques with cutting-edge tools to tailor each step of your journey so you can address your immediate concerns, while still working towards your longer-term goals.


❤️  works with the deepest parts and structures of the brain that affect how you operate even when you are not aware of it.


❤️  helps you in regulating emotions and your experience inside your body in a safe, holistic way... at a pace that works for you.


You know its your time !


I created ‘Luscious Liberation’ to heal my own pattern of
disconnecting from my pleasure.

It felt natural for me to accommodate everyone else's needs and wishes,
at the expense of ignoring my own. I often felt unappreciated, used, blamed others and often ended up feeling quite resentful, then guilty about that!


I was researching and working on myself, yet secretly, I was still struggling with unresolved pieces of my past that held me hostage.

Dedicating myself to deep inner work, research and training, I learned a lot. Yet I discovered I also needed more support. My inner voice would creep in,
shaming me for being so selfish.


FINALLY I SAID YES!! Yes to me! Yes to doing the work!
Yes to shifting pain and embodying my pleasure!

It became my soul-driven purpose to support others on this journey.


And you truly deserve it too! Are you ready to say yes
to your own sweet self?


Your package includes

10 private 1 on 1 sessions via Zoom ~ 1 X 90 minute plus 9 X 60 minute sessions

Home practices and action steps to support your ongoing progress

Individually crafted written and audio files for an extra boost

Direct online support between sessions

What my clients say about working with me 

Working with Mirella was life-changing.
She was able to lead me to insights in a way only very skilled guide can do. .

The growth that takes place during sessions, in reflection and in between them came from deep within myself.

One of my biggest insights was that I have the ability to move towards my goals, irrespective of what's going on.

My favourite part was the way she brought me back to what I needed.

I reconnected with my passion and power to stay calm in the eye of not just one storm, but several I was caught up in.

Her methods are effective and long-lasting. I can't recommend her highly enough.

~ Helena Ameisen

Coaching with Mirella, I have experienced big shifts in my relationship. I had a huge awakening and understanding around my sexuality.

I became aware of the deep unconscious patterning from my childhood abuse and abandonment which caused me to shut down my authentic sexual expression.

Bringing compassionate awareness to this patterning has helped me reawaken and open to sexual healing.

I feel more connected to my body and more vibrant and alive.

I'm so grateful for our time together!

~ Jenelle Wells

Mirella, I appreciate how you hold space for me in a way that makes exploring difficult issues not only possible but fruitful. how fully present you are and

Your perceptive approach has opened me to question many of my long held beliefs and outdated habits. In your warm and compassionate way, you have helped me clarify longstanding issues that have held me back in my life.

I have discovered a much more confident me who can actually get excited about a challenge rather than get anxious.

I've come such a long way with your support and it's great to know that there is someone I can trust to empower me to find my own way out of a tight spot should the need arise.

~ Dr. Ute Goeft

Payment Plan: 3 X $1500

PAY-IN-FULL: $3600 (SAVE $1395)

PLUS  BONUSES Worth $2000

* Positive Intelligence ~ 8-week Mental Fitness Program ~ $1000 Value 

Group program to hijack your Inner Saboteurs and rewire your  brain to fast-track your results (includes LIVE small group sessions.


* 1:1 VIP IMMERSION DAY ~ $1000 Value
Kickstart your journey with a  Deep-dive Journey to  laser-focus  on aligning you mentally, emotionally and  energetically with your desired outcome.


 PAYMENT PLAN: 3x  $1000 (Save $1000)


* Available til 1st December, 2022